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Badi Bawaseer Ka Dasi Ilaj

Badi Bawaseer Ka Dasi Ilaj

Badi Bawaseer Ka Dasi Ilaj: Friends today in this post we will tell you about badi bawaseer ka dasi ilaj. Hemorrhiods is a very painful and annoying disease. Her patient always lives in distress and depression. And you can not tell anyone about your disease. Due to which this disease increases even more and is facing every problem.
This piles does not flow blood but it is more than. It is a form of mood. These are actually spicy and spicy blue veins. Those who are at lower bottom of the anal or get out of the inside. And cause severe pain.

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The first and most important reason for hemorrhiods is consitpation. It is called ammo ul amraz. Whenever you feel occupied, hazard it quickly and only depend on nutritional treatment.


Most of the patients in the hospital do not know what illness they are. They know about it when the time has passed. And when faced with severe discomfort, we then pay attention to the therapeutic therapist, no medicines work at all times. One of the symptoms of the disease is that even after making up the makeup feels a burden. And it is time to go to the bath. Do not ignore these symptoms. But pay attention to your diet immediately. And besides this we can also tell you the treatment of badi bawaseer ka dasi ilaj. Which is very useful for this disease.
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Dasi Ilaj:

Beloved hemorrhoids treatment, as follows. And its procedure is as follows.


Swing a teaspoon to half a kilo of water when it is half water near the pao and use it in a morning cow and use it in the morning and evening. Using this method will get relief from the badius. This is a very useful hemorrhiods treatment or (badi bawaseer ka dasi ilaj). If you want to call herbal medicine online, fill the form first.

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